Balanced Dog Training

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I am a certified domestic dog trainer based in Baltimore Maryland.  Dogs, just like people, are individuals and should be treated as such.  As a result, I don't subscribe to one singular dog training method, I train to meet the dogs needs and personality, as well as the needs of the dog owner. Training is not just about the methods themselves, it's also affected by the health and state of mind of the dog.  I take into consideration any health issues that the dog may have, and whether or not that is affecting their ability to learn.  Additionally, I can often spot issues a dog is having and can help you bring these to the attention of your vet.

John Frank, CPT - Owner/Head trainer








***All packages have payment options.  Payment options are as follows:

1. 100% at the first session

2. 50% at the first session, 50% at the halfway point of sessions

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**All appointments scheduled will require a 24 hour notice of cancellation by the owner or will otherwise be charged at full price.  Exceptions will be made for emergency / medical circumstances.

All session booked in a package must be completed within 3 months of purchase, unless there is a emergency / medical circumstances.

If the client chooses to terminate the training contract and discontinue training after 50% of training has been completed, NO refund will be issued.

If the trainer feels that the client will not listen to training instructions / advice, the trainer can at their own discretion terminate the contract and discontinue training with the client at ANY point in time throughout the training period.  A partial refund for the services remaining will be issued.